Saturday, December 2, 2006

life sucks.

my life=drama.
no like BIG drama.
i swear guys should be locked up until they are 574892 years old maybe, just maybe, they might have matured. if all of women-kind is freakin lucky.
soo lets call this kid...brad mmkay?
we were supoosed to be "a thing"
ya know what us little 8th-ies call it. then he goes and makes out with 4 girls? hell no. newsflash bub. im not gonna always be here waitin for ya. so he thinks i wont find out? yeah think again. i asked him about it too. and he thinks he has the freakin right to get butt hurt? ehh no!
dumb little crap head. wow.
but wait kiddo! theres more!

he got a girlfriend woo hoo!

i have no plan b!

i have never in my whole life ever felt so lonely.


i waited FOREVER for that guy to ask me out.

im done with that jerk